Internships & Practicum


For honours students of Business & Society in their third year and above, the Careers' Centre at York (McLaughlin College 202) offers the opportunity for paid internships of 4, 8, 12 and 16 months. Please note the academic requirements presupposed for enrolment in the programme. For details, please follow see the details of the Business & Public Administration Internship Program (BPAIP) under the following link:


The Business & Society program offers a practicum course, AP/SOSC 4046 6.0, which is compulsory for all honours students in the social economy stream, though it is also open to other honours students with the course director's permission. In the course, students will be placed into a social economy organization, e.g., a co-operative workplace, community organization, charity, etc., where they will receive training and gain knowledge of alternative workplaces.

The following is a video which was made in confunction with the Experiential Education Office at York about the practicum course, 2014-15:

As more students pass through our practicum course and internship program, we will publish reports on their experiences below. Please click on the links below to access the reports: