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All SOSC classes and services have moved online through the Fall Term
Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, all faculty and staff in the Department of Social Science will be working remotely and are not available for in-person meetings at Keele Campus. The Department is fully committed to ensuring our students get the support they need by various electronic methods. For more information, please visit our COVID-19 information page.


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The Business & Society [BUSO] program is an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree program which provides students with the tools needed to study the relationship between business, the economy and society.

Students enrolled in the program will undertake this study through a multi-disciplinary approach, using texts from philosophy, economics, geography, sociology and political science, to name a few.

The program is structured around 4 (four) core courses and 6 (six) specialized streams. Within the BUSO core courses, capitalist business practices are critically examined and a variety of responses and alternatives to these impacts are evaluated.

Students who are starting the Business & Society programme in September 2020 should enrol in either Section A or Section B of SOSC 1340 9.0 Introduction to Business & Society.

Please DO NOT enrol in SOSC 1340 6.0 Section M.

Completing SOSC 1340 9.0 Section A or Section B will fulfil the core requirement in BUSO but it will NOT COUNT as a general education course for majors in Business & Society.


25 February 2020 - Food Sovereignty, Climate Justice, and Racial Justice: Making the Links