Law and Governance

AP/SOSC 2330 6.0 The Economics of Law, Policy and Organization

[Note: This course has been approved in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies for general education credit.] [Course credit exclusions: None.} [PRIOR TO FALL 2009: Course credit exclusion: AS/SOSC 2330 9.0.]
This course considers economics as a form of moral argument. This course considers how economists evaluate existing government policies in a broad variety of areas, including housing policies and rent control, environmental protection and gender equity in the workplace.

AP/SOSC 3040 6.0 Corporate Social Responsibility

[Course credit exclusions: None.] [PRIOR TO FALL 2009: Course credit exclusion: AS/SOSC 3040 6.0.]
Investigates the theory and practice of Corporate Social Responsibility programs, including the normative and social science analysis of particular issues and practices, as well as their role in regulation and legitimation in larger political economy regimes.


For the Honours program:

AP/SOSC 4043 6.0 Corporate Governance & Business Law in Comparative Context

Examines intersections between business and the law. Particular attention is paid to the nature of the firm and corporate governance, governance structures in a comparative context, and recent and controversial issues regarding the relationship between business and the law.