The Social Economy

AP/SOSC 1341 9.0 Introduction to The Social Economy

[6.0 credits towards stream; 3.0credits towards electives] [Note: This course has been approved in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies for general education credit.] [PRIOR TO FALL 2009: Course credit exclusion: AS/SOSC 1341 9.0.]
This course introduces students to the social economy (including co-operatives, credit unions, worker-owned firms, non-profit social service organizations, etc.). It investigates the history of the social economy and its potential contributions to local, regional and international socio- economic development.

AP/SOSC 3041 6.0 The Social Economy and Alt. Development

[Open to: Business and Society majors in the Social Economy stream.] [Not open to: Non-BUSO majors, BUSO majors not taking the social economy stream, except by permission.] [Pre-Req. Sosc 1341]
The course examines alternative business and economic structures to those of the private corporation in the contemporary world. Particular attention is paid to cooperatives and worker-owned firms and their impact not just on those who work in such organizations but also on the wider economic environment in which they operate.

Note: Successful completion of SOSC 1341 is a prerequisite for enrolment in SOSC 3041.

For the Honours program: 

AP/SOSC 4046 6.0 Social Economy Practicum

This course is designed primarily for students in the Social Economy stream of the Business & Society program. It involves students being assigned to an unpaid work placement for a social economy organization in the Greater Toronto Area. Prerequisite: AP/SOSC 3041 6.0. Course credit exclusions: None. Open to: BUSO majors in Social Economy Stream (and other BUSO students with permission).

Note: Successful completion of SOSC 3041 is a prerequisite for enrolment in SOSC 4046.