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Caroline Shenaz Hossein

Caroline Shenaz HosseinProfile: Website
(Associate Professor, Program Coordinator)
Email: chossein@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 763 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33612
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

Author of award-winning Politicized Microfinance: Money, power and violence in the Black Americas (University of Toronto Press, 2016); co-author of Business & Society: A Critical Introduction (Zed, 2017) and editor of The Black Social Economy in the Americas: Exploring Diverse Community-Based Alternative Markets (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming 2018). She is founder of the Diverse Solidarity Economies Collective made up of 20+ Black and racialized feminist leaders. In 2020, Dr. Hossein received the Rodney Higgins best faculty paper award from the National Conference of Black Political Scientists and in 2017 she received the Helen Potter Award for best journal article from the Association of Social Economics. Dr. Hossein holds a five-year Early Researcher Award (2018-2023) funded by the Ontario Provincial government to examine social innovations and her project “African origins in the Social Economy” is funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Development Grant (2017-20).
First in her family to attend university, Dr. Hossein holds a PhD in Political Science (University of Toronto), an MPA (Cornell University), an LL.B (University of Kent at Canterbury) and BA (Saint Mary's University, Halifax). Recently, she was appointed to several boards: United Nations Social and Solidarity Economy; Miami Institute for Social Sciences; the Canadian Institute for Persons of African Descent and Graduate program at the School of Gender and Feminist Studies, York. She is Senior Fellow at The Risk and Insurance Studies Center.
For more than a decade, Dr. Hossein has worked in global non-profits, including managing a community bank in Niger, West Africa and has plenty of contacts for students looking to study and to work overseas. You can see more about the students and partners that she collaborates with at www.Caroline-Shenaz-Hossein.com. Follow her on Twitter: @carolinehossein.

J.J. McMurtry

J.J. McMurtryProfile: Website
(Associate Professor and Dean: Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies)
Email: mcmurtr@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 900 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33743
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
J.J. McMurtry's research and teaching focus on the theory and practice of alternative social, political, and economic forms. Specifically, he has been focused in his teaching on developing the Social Economy stream in the Business and Society Program as well as the Certificate in Co-operative Management with the Schulich School of Business and the Ontario Co-operative Association. In his research, he has focused on the theory and practice of the Social Economy in Canada as well as the social and political forms which support this development. Two recent books - Living Economics: Canadian Perspectives on the Social Economy, Co-operatives and Community Economic Development and Co-operatives in a Global Economy - capture some of this research. Professor McMurtry is active in a number of community, economic and political organizations.

Mark S. Peacock

Mark S. PeacockProfile: Website
(Associate Professor)
Email: mpeacock@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 742 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 77176
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
I was born in England where I lived and was educated until 1996. On completing my PhD in that year, I moved to Germany and lived in Berlin before taking up a university appointment at Witten/Herdecke and Erfurt. I came to York in 2006 and I am associated with the Business & Society undergraduate programme and the Social and Political Thought graduate programme.

Darryl Reed

Darryl ReedProfile: Website
(Associate Professor)
Email: dreed@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 764 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 77817
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
Darryl Reed is Associate Professor in the Division of Social Science at York University and teaches in the Business & Society Program. He has a PhD in political economy and public policy (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, ’95) and a PhD in social ethics (University of Southern California, ’97). He has studied in Germany as an Adenauer Fellow (Frankfurt, 1989-90), has taught at the Budapest University of Economics (1994-1995) and was the Sir Ratan Tata Visiting Fellow at the Management Centre for Human Values at the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta (1997-1998). He has a wide range of research interests in the field of Business and Society, including corporate governance, community economic development, business ethics and development ethics. He has published in a number of business and economic ethics journals including the Journal of Business Ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, Business and Society, Business Ethics: A European Review, and the International Journal of Social Economics. He also sits on the editorial board of several journals in the field.

Sonya Scott

Sonya ScottProfile: Website
(Assistant Professor)
Email: smscott@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 761 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33810
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
I am a social and political theorist specializing in subjectivity and economic thought. I have published a book on the history of economic thought (Architectures of Economic Subjectivity: Philosophical Foundations of the Subject in the History of Economic Thought, Routledge: 2013) and am currently working on a book concerning the question of the ‘Economy’ as subject. My research deals with language, philosophy, subjectivity and economic reasoning, and I am particularly concerned with theories of economic crisis and equilibrium, including the origins of the mathematization of economics, business cycle theory and contemporary responses to crises.

John Simoulidis

John SimoulidisProfile: Website
(Assistant Professor, BUSO Program Coordinator)
Email: sims@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 763A Ross Building South
Phone Extension: 30161
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
I teach in both the Interdisciplinary Social Science and Business and Society Programs. I received my PhD from York (Political Science) and specialize in political theory and political economy, with a particular interest the Japanese Marxist Kozo Uno. My research interests are Marxist and heterodox theories of crisis, the political economy of food, and economic alternatives. My teaching focuses on helping students better understand the structures and relations that shape their lives and the ways these can be transformed to be more equitable and just. I currently teach SOSC 1340, Introduction to Business and Society and the social economy capstone placement course, SOSC 4046, Social Economy Practicum.

Richard Wellen

Richard WellenProfile: Website
(Associate Professor)
Email: rwellen@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 770 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 77794
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
Research Interests:
Higher Education Policy, Business and Society

Nga Dao

Nga DaoProfile: Website
(Assistant Professor)
Email: ngadao@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 764A South Ross Building
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
I am a broadly trained human-environment geographer with more than two decades of applied research experience. I have a PhD in Human Geography from York University with a specialization in political ecology and resource management. I also have Masters degrees in International Agricultural and Rural Development from Cornell University and in Financial Economics from the University of London. My research expertise lies at the intersection of resource governance, political ecology, political economy and livelihood change. My work is characterized by empirical, field-based research informed by relevant theory, and committed to improving the social and ecological outcomes of environmental governance. I co-edited a book “Water Rights and Social Justice in the Mekong Region” (2010) and a book on extractive industries in Vietnam “Hydropower Development: Challenges for sustainability in Vietnam” (2016). I have published my work in various peer-review journals, including the Journal of Peasant Studies, Journal of Agrarian Change, Canadian Journal of Development Studies, Critical Asian Studies, and Water Alternatives.

Audrey Laurin-Lamothe

Audrey Laurin-LamotheProfile:
(Assistant Professor)
Email: audrey.laurin_lamothe@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 771 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33759
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
Audrey Laurin-Lamothe holds a PhD in Sociology (2017, Université du Québec à Montréal). Her thesis created a portrait of the economic elite in Quebec in the context of increased firm financialization, through an analysis of individual profiles, compensation and social networks. In related research, she has addressed the issue of increased availability of social network data, co-authoring an article which provides an appropriate methodological framework for the management, processing and interpretation of massive corporate network daaccordionases. Her research program is informed by the understanding that financialization is a driving force of economic transformation and more broadly, profoundly influences relationships among households, organizations and the State. She is currently working on executive compensation plans, interested in how corporate boards’ social networks determine compensation rules for high positions in organizations and cause inequalities among and inside organizations. She has also conducted research focusing on middle-class wage demands and work conditions as described by newspaper editorials, investigating how the representations created by discourse could both reflect and influence the bargaining power held by workers. Her previous academic contributions analyzed gender-based fiscal policies and public indebtedness.

Salewa Olawoye-Mann

Salewa Olawoye-Mann
Profile: (Assistant Professor)
Email: olawoye@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 760 South Ross Building
Phone Extension: 33842
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science
Salewa is an Assistant Professor in the Business and Society Program of the Department of Social Science at York University. She has a PhD in Economics and Social Science Consortium (University of Missouri – Kansas City, 2016). Her research focuses on heterodox approaches to sustainable economic development through natural resources, and monetary theory. She co-edited the book “Monetary Policy and Central Banking: New Directions in Post-Keynesian Theory” (2012).

Contract Faculty

Vanisha Sukdeo

Vanisha SukdeoProfile: Website
Email: VSukdeo@osgoode.yorku.ca
Campus Address: 826 North Ross Building
Departmental Affiliation: BUSO and Osgoode