Law and Governance

This stream provides students with the opportunity to study the role of law in the formation and current development of the market economy. It seeks to acquaint students with the place of the law in the broader institutional framework that governs modern markets.

Students will learn how legal rules and policies mediate in determining both the trade-off between efficiency and equity and the extent to which government intervention is needed in the governance of markets. Drawing on an interdisciplinary perspective, students will study important areas of law and policy such as corporate law, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, consumer protection law, tort law and accident prevention, property rights, intellectual property rights, antitrust, international trade law, public goods and environmental law.

No previous work in law or economics is required, but students are expected to master some basic legal and economic concepts and ideas. Courses in this stream may use some legal materials such as court decisions or legislation only to introduce or illustrate the legal subjects. No detailed analysis of these materials is expected.

This stream will be very useful for those wishing to study of law, economics or business in the future and/or to pursue a career working for the government, a regulatory agency or non-governmental organization (NGO).

AP/SOSC 2330 6.00;
AP/SOSC 3040 6.00;

For the Honours program:

AP/SOSC 4043 6.00.