The Firm and Organization

The Firm and Organization stream examines various aspects of the modern corporation, both its internal organization and its relationship with organizations in the national and international society in which corporations operate.

Courses offered in this stream will focus on the manner in which work and workers are organized within and without the corporation, and on the circumstances under which the relation between owners, managers and workers are more or less adversarial. There is a particular focus on how the organization of the corporation is affected by and, in turn, affects gender disparities in society. Issues of corporate governance and regulation also form part of the focus of this stream.

This stream would be a good choice for those students who aim to work in the corporate world, though it should be stressed that none of the stream's courses are aimed to equip students with concrete skills of the corporate workplace.

  • AP/SOSC 2342 6.00
  • AP/SOSC 3043 3.00

N.B. successful completion of AP/SOSC 1340 is prerequisite of entry into AP/SOSC 3043.

Three credits chosen from:

  • AP/SOSC 3980 3.00, AP/SOCI 3600 3.00, AP/SOCI 3615 3.00, AP/ECON 3200 3.00, AP/GL/WMST3510 6.00, AP/ADMS 3120 3.00, AP/ADMS3450 3.00, AP/ECON 3709 3.00, AP/SOSC3981 3.00.

N.B. if a student chooses WMST 3510 6.00 from this list, 3 credits will count in the stream, the other three as elective credits.

For the Honours program:

AP/SOSC 4043 6.00