The Social Economy

In the Social Economy stream, students examine a wide variety of business forms which share a common characteristic of being guided not primarily by profits but by a social purpose. While there are many different ways to define the social economy, this sector is generally understood to include co-operatives, non-profit businesses, not-for-profit firms, along with social enterprises and social entrepreneurs.

In examining these forms of business, students will focus not only on operations at the level of the firm, but also the relationships among such firms. Such relationships include traditional community economic development organizations, efforts to form co-operative groups, alternative and fair trade networks as well as alternative and endogenous development models.

  • AP/SOSC 1341 9.0 Introduction to The Social Economy
  • AP/SOSC 3041 6.0 The Social Economy and Alt. Development

Note: Successful completion of SOSC 1341 is a prerequisite for enrolment in SOSC 3041.

For the Honours program: 

  • AP/SOSC 4046 6.0 Social Economy Practicum

Notes: Due to the cancellation of SOSC 4046 6.00 in the academic year, 2020-21, students should choose a different 4000-level course offered in BUSO. Students are recommended to take SOSC 4044 6.0 section B, though they may take any of the following as a substitute for SOSC 4046, provided that the course chosen as a substitute is not required in another part of your BUSO major: SOSC 4040 6.00; SOSC 4043 6.00; SOSC 4044 6.00; SOSC 4045 6.00; SOSC 4048 3.00 (fall) and SOSC 4049 3.00 (winter).