Student Club

The Business & Society Student Club

The BUSO Student Club is a student-run organization that caters to students who are part of the BUSO Program at York. All members are welcome and you DO NOT have to be in the BUSO program to join. However, please note that since we are affiliated with the department that most of our events will touch on the many streams part of the BUSO program. Here at BUSOSC we hope to make the most out our member’s experience here at York by offering them a range of academic and social events.

If you wish to contact the members of the BUSO club, please write to  or visit us at 111 Vanier College.


Take part in a wide variety of events and activities. If you wish to become involved in the club, please contact the president at the above email address.

2019-2020 Executive Team

Current Club Members include:

  • President: Jessica Adevor
  • Vice President: Sharzan Richards
  • Events Coordinator: John Beckles
  • Events Coordinator: Shon Williams
  • Marketing Director: Faloya Gaspar
  • Finance Director: Nicholas Nocera

Participating in the club will allow you great freedom to develop initiatives and to stage student events. It will also offer opportunities to work more closely with faculty members, and it will be an excellent addition to your CV.

Volunteering as a student mentor will be recognized among your volunteer hours and your engagement will be recorded on your final transcript from York.