Frequently Asked Questions

Degree Requirements

I have checked the BUSO website and I am still unsure of the requirements for my degree, especially things like electives, how many upper-level courses I need or what happens if I fail a course. Where can I find this information?

You can always contact the program office at S763 or S773 Ross Bldg (416-736-2100 x77805).

As a general rule, for BUSO-specific information, you should first go to the degree requirements page of this website or the Business & Society checklist.

If you have a more general question you may consult the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies website which details all faculty requirements, which includes Change of Major, the B.A. and an Honours B.A., re-taking failed courses, etc.

For other non-BUSO queries, you can also contact Academic Advising Services at 103 Central Square (416 736-5022).

Lecture schedule or course descriptions?

I have the course number of a course I need to take (or want to take) but I can't find more information, like a lecture schedule or a course description. Where should I look?

A good place to find course information is the Registrar's Office website, departmental websites or calendars available at the respective departmental offices (like Economics, Sociology, etc.).

I have signed up for my two streams but now I want to change them. How do I do this?

The Change of Program form is available on the Registrar's Office website.

For a Change of Program to be processed, you must have at least 24.0 credits earned at York University.

These forms are also available at our Front Office at S737 Ross during regular office hours.

I can't get into a course that I need to take to complete my BUSO degree. What should I do?

It is important to note that not all courses on the BUSO list are offered every year. Therefore, you can opt to choose from the other course options from the approved list.

If a course is full, you should call or visit the department offering the course and request for your name to be placed on the waiting list (if they maintain a waiting list), or wait to secure a spot, as students add and drop courses frequently.

I know I have to take a 3 credit (or more) statistics course for BUSO, but how do I find out which one to take?

Typical statistics courses include:

  • SC/MATH 1132 3.0,
  • SC/MATH 2560 3.0,
  • SC/BIOL 2060 3.0,
  • SC/BIOL 3090 3.0,
  • AP/ECON 2500 3.0,
  • AP/GEOG 2420 3.0,
  • HH/KINE 2050 3.0,
  • AP/POLS 3300 6.0,
  • HH/PSYC 2020 6.0,
  • HH/PSYC 2021 3.0,
  • AP/SOCI 3030 6.0.

Effective F/W 2009-10, BUSO students have the option of enrolling in SC/MATH 1532 to fulfill the STATS requirement.